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Live Music Series Lineup

Our Live Music Series is back on!  Be sure to mark your calendars for the upcoming shows.  All concerts begin at 7PM, all ages are welcome and there is no cover charge!!  Free Appetizers available with a drink purchase.


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Live Tonight April 7th – Amy Bleu!

Singer/songwriter/guitarist/ukulele player, Amy Bleu will be performing live tonight at Camas Prairie Winery!
No Cover and All Ages are Welcome! 

Here is another clip of Amy Bleu performing the song “Red Rover” at the Alberta Street Pub in Portland, Oregon.

Amy Bleu is currently touring from Oakland, California to the Tri-Cities in Washington.  Below is an excerpt of a questionnaire Amy Bleu did with Go! Magazine.

Bleu Notes, October 2007

Spokane native Amy Bleu’s earnest lyrics and raw, acoustic, folk-rock sound tie together tracks straight from the singer’s soul. Armed with guitar and ukulele, she fires off original songs and covers with a voice like Grace Slick unaccompanied by psychedelics. A newlywed, vegetarian and advocate for homeless women, Bleu has staked her claim on the anti-folk industry of the Pacific Northwest with her own recording label, Bad Girl’s Records. Currently living in Portland, Ore., she hopes to expand her performance radius through the Midwest, the South, and all the way to the East Coast.

Go! Magazine: Why do you play music?

Amy Bleu: Depending on my mood, playing music can be a form of therapy, a mood stabilizer, a pick-me-up, a relaxation tool, or a way to express something difficult. I feel like it is something I have to do, and that I’d be very unhappy without it.

Go!: Being a musician is cool because …

Bleu: … You don’t have to wear a suit and you can sleep in every day.

Go!: What’s your favorite venue to play in North Central Washington?

Bleu: I really love the Community Coffeehouse in Leavenworth, but I’m hoping that the Cascade Coffeehouse will take the cake!

Go!: What beverage goes best with your music?

Bleu: Bourbon, preferably with some cola and ice.

Go!: Your music is a book. What’s the title?

Bleu: “Technicolor Monsters/Angels.” It’s a pop-up book.

Go!: Name three records that changed your life.

Bleu: This is really nerdy, but Aerosmith’s “Get a Grip” completely changed my life. It turned me away from pop music when I was a young teenager and turned me into a rocker. “Strange Angels,” by Kristin Hersh, is what I was listening to when I was learning guitar, so it is totally responsible for my sound. I discovered Jenny Lewis’ album, “Rabbit Fur Coat” (with the Watson Twins) at a time when I was thinking I might not be able to get into albums with the same zeal that I had when I was younger. … It completely proved me wrong!

Go!: A heckler is booing at one of your performances. What’s your response?

Bleu: This happened once when I was in a band for a week and we played at a county fair just outside of Spokane. I was wearing a blond wig and the kind of punky dress you’d buy at Hot Topic, and boots with spikes sticking out of the toes. We played rock covers. The audience was so country that they just hated us. They booed us and put hay bales in front of the stage while we were playing. I kicked the hay bales off and swore at the audience, and it ended up earning us some fans, mostly the younger audience members. They still thought I was a drag queen, though.

Go!: Describe a typical practice session.

Bleu: It’s usually just me, strumming my guitar or my uke, rotating originals and covers I need to polish, probably irritating the neighbors by playing that Counting Crows song for the 300th time! Sometimes my husband will practice with me on his bass, and then it’s more fun.

Go!: Describe your music in a haiku.

Bleu: This music has not been tested and/or approved for mass consumption.

— Abby Holmes, Go Magazine/Wenatchee World, Wenatchee, WA, October 2007.

 For more reviews on Amy Bleu, click here or visit her site at


April Beer of the Month – St. Peter’s Golden Ale

April 2012 Beer of the Month

St. Peter’s Golden Ale

(photo courtesy of

Brewed By: St. Peters UK
Country: United Kingdom
Style: Golden Ale/Blonde Ale
Alcohol Content: 4.7%
Liquid Volume: 300ml
Price: $7

Brewery Description:
“English Halcyon malts are used together with lager malts. Golding hops provide the bitterness and aroma. The result is a highly distinctive light, golden ale similar in character to a full bodied Czech lager.”

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