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A long overdue update and Year End wrap up

As the end of 2012 approaches and we find ourselves still alive despite the Mayan’s best intentions, we felt it was past time to update our blog.  We’ve had some changes in staff, which made us realize just how much Charlotte did for us!  (i.e.this blog!)  Along with some new faces, we also have new beers, new glassware, and the launch of the Vandal Crest wine program.  It’s been a busy year for sure!

We were lucky enough to be able to include Stone 12.12.12 Vertical Epic Ale in our vast selection of Import and  Domestic beers!  What we were able to acquire, we sold out of almost immediately! Sorry if you missed it, but the bottles are cool!


Speaking of beers, have you seen our selection of popular holiday beers?  We have the entire line up of “elf beers” (Bad Elf, Very Bad Elf, Seriously Bad Elf, Criminally Bad Elf, and Insanely Bad Elf).  Or perhaps you would be more interested in a Lump of Coal, or Warm Welcome Nut Brown Ale, all imported from the UK.  We also have a few Norwegian holiday beers, and a cherry Belgium beer.  Basically, it’s a large selection of holiday beers!

elf beers


We are a winery after all, so we would be remiss not to mention our selection of sparkling wines perfect for holiday gatherings, or a “morning mimosa”, says Alice.  And our extremely popular hot spiced wine!  “Christmas in a Glass”, says Jeremy.  It’s a wonderful ready to serve mulled wine with cinnamon, cloves, and allspice.   If you prefer a spiced mead, we have that too!

We have had a great month of cheese sales!  WSU Creamery’s Cougar Gold cheese is available year round at the winery and is perfect for holiday parties, hostess gifts, and gifts in general – and you don’t have to drive to Pullman to get it!


We’ve also introduced new glassware to our retail line up.  We have our traditional stemmed Camas Prairie Winery glasses, but we also now offer stemless wine glasses printed with our new winery logo.  But wait, beer drinkers are not to be forgotten, and they can purchase a hefty pint glass with the new winery logo as well!e year round at the winery, but it’s especially popular this time of year for holiday parties and gifts!


After what felt like an endless season of harvest, crush, fermentation, aging, bottling, labeling, foiling, stocking, and selling…we staged a coup and sent our winemaker home to his mother for Christmas!!!  Jeremy is enjoying time with his family in Colorado, while his wife Heidi is here holding down the fort in Idaho!

We have some fun new stuff coming up for 2013!!  Be on the lookout for some totally redesigned labels, and a new Blackberry Mead being added to our line up!  We can’t wait for you to see and taste the new stuff!  We have some thoughts on other changes and a list of “we hope to’s” for the year, so we’ll see how much we can get done for you.

We appreciate all your support, and wish you all the best for 2013!!!!

Happy Holidays!!!!

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